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Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle's paint from things like harsh UV rays, hard water spots, acid rain and more. By bonding with your paint at a molecular level, and creating a hydrophobic surface, your car will look more glossy, and be much easier to clean.

How it Works

Ceramic coatings are a semi permanent solution that is applied to your vehicle's surface as a replacement for traditional wax. With lifespans of three, five, and seven years depending on ingredients and chemical purity, this can be a great option to protect your vehicle long-term. 

If you take a look at your paint at a microscopic level, the surface of your paint contains tiny pores. These pores are open to the air and the environment, which is what allows dirt, debris, and UV rays to age your paint. One choice is to fill those pores with a wax, but this will break down rather quickly and requires frequent reapplication. A ceramic coating, like XPEL Fusion Plus, uses nano technology to fill those pores and form a covalent bond at the molecular level. This creates a glass-like shield over the surface of your paint. After a ceramic coating fills in all of those cracks and pores in your vehicle's clear coat, it will leave behind a glossier, easier to clean finish. 

The key advantages to having your vehicle ceramic coated are:

-Protection from chemical stains

-Ease of cleaning

-Incredible gloss

-Protection from UV rays

We have all seen a car with bad paint, from oxidation after spending it's life out in the sun, to etching and stains from things like bird droppings and acid rain. A ceramic coating is designed to help evacuate those harmful things from the surface of your vehicle before they can create a problem, while also creating a physical barrier between your clear coat and those dangers that are left behind. Ultimately, due to the hydrophobic nature of a ceramic coating, you will notice it is easier to wash your car, and it will look much better for longer. In addition, you will notice a level of gloss that is unmatched by any traditional carnauba or polymer wax. 

Common Misconceptions and things a ceramic coating wont do:

-Magically keep your car perfectly clean

-100% protection from hard water spots

-Protect from scratches

Don't let these things discourage you. We highly recommend pairing a ceramic coating with partial coverage paint protection film to keep your car safe from scratches and impacts. With proper care, or one of our maintenance wash plans, a ceramic coating will make it much easier for you to ensure your car still looks showroom years from now. Yes, it will still need to be washed, and no your car will not be invincible, but we can assure you this is a much better option than waxing your car. 

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