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Paint Correction

Your car goes through a lot, from daily commutes, rain storms, and the forbidden automatic car wash, you may start to notice scratches and swirls in your paint. Luckily, Crown Auto Spa offers professional automotive paint correction services, both at our shop in Meridian and as a mobile service across the Treasure Valley. 

How does it work?

A brand new car looks great partially because it's paint is fresh from the factory, free of flaws. But, like everything else on your vehicle, your paint wears over time. Whether that be from off roading, automatic car washes, or years of using a microfiber duster to clean your car before shows. Everybody can agree that scratches, swirls, and oxidation on your paint can make your vehicle dramatically less appealing. 

To understand how a paint correction works, you have to understand what a car's paint is comprised off. Most modern cars will have paint that consists of a primer, followed by your base coat, then a clear coat to enhance gloss and protect the base. This clear coat layer is where the majority of your light scratches and swirls reside. 

paint correction

By using an array of polishing machines, and polishing pads/compounds with different levels of aggression we are able to cut into your vehicles clear coat below where those scratches reside, leaving behind a factory fresh finish. 

Before doing this, we always give your vehicle a proper iron-x decontamination wash, and clay bar treatment to remove physical contaminants and residue from your paint's surface. Then, when we are all finished with the paint correction, we will seal your paint's surface with a ceramic coating or polymer based wax depending on the package you choose. Moving forward, your vehicle may look like it did on the showroom floor the day you bought it!

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