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All of us at Crown Auto Spa are adamant about using only the best products on our clients' vehicles. That's why we chose to get certified by XPEL and become an authorized dealer/installer for XPEL films. See below for more information about their products. 

XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film

Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film is designed to protect your vehicle from anything you throw at it. It's durable construction is intended to protect your paint from common nuisances like rock chips, scratches, and even long term UV damage. Unlike other films that yellow and crack with age, Ultimate Plus PPF carries a 10-year warranty against all film failures, and when the day comes to remove it, you can count on having a flawless finish beneath. XPEL acrylic adhesive is so advanced that it won’t leave any residue or damage to the car paints upon removing the PPF, and it has high temperature and UV resistance, therefore it can protect the paint surface from high-temperature exposure and preserve your original paint from oxidation.

The durability of XPEL paint protection film is intended to make sure your vehicle has a completely invisible layer of protection between the paint and the surrounding environment. According to, XPEL PPF has high anti-corrosion properties, it acts as a barrier to inhibit the contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials that can harm the car’s original paint, such as tree sap, acid rain, bird dropping, grease and etc. XPEL PPF provides high mechanical strength that can withstand more than 15MPa and tensile elongation of more than 200%. This means stone chips will not get in your way.


Whether it's on your car, truck, camper, home, or office Crown Auto Spa can enhance your space with top-of-the-line window films from XPEL. We offer solutions for almost any application. See below for options that may suit your needs!

Film Options

XPEL Prime CS Automotive Film

XPEL Prime XR Plus Automotive

XPEL Vision Home and Office

XPEL Prime CS Automotive Film is a fantastic option for budget-friendly window tint. With a lifetime warranty, full color stability and kits that are precut in house for your specific VIN, we can guarantee a perfect fit and a great installation. 

XPEL Prime XR Plus Window Film is an industry leading ceramic automotive window tint designed to make your car look great, and stay cool. With it's ability to block up to 99% of infrared rays, you will notice a significantly cooler interior during those hot summer months. Paired with a lifetime warranty and full color stability, you can rest easy knowing your windows will look just as good 10 years from now as they do the moment you pick your vehicle up from Crown Auto Spa.

Whether your office becomes way too hot during the day, you are struggling with glare on a computer monitor or TV, or you just want to bring some style and privacy to the front of your home, we are sure to have an option for you! We have options for mirrored films to keep those outside from seeing in, security films to make it more difficult for intruders to break a window, and nearly crystal clear ceramic films that will allow all of the natural light to come into your space with none of the heat!

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