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Recreational Vehicles

Crown Auto Spa does more than just automotive work! We can help your boat, RV, side by side, or motorcycle look new too! With years of experience working with recreational vehicles, you can trust that your investment will be in good hands. We offer anything from gel coat corrections, to chrome polishing, and even wetsanding and heavy oxidation removal!

Marine Vehicles

Whether you just bought a new boat, or you need to get years of oxidation and hard water off of your shiny gel coat, we have an option for you. 

Basic Detail

-Acid wash

-Hand wax

-Wash and wax trailer

-Interior vacuum

-Vinyl Clean and Condition

-Shampoo Carpet/Gatorstep

-Glass Cleaned

-Plastics Cleaned and Dressed

Ceramic Coating

Waterline to Topdeck

Includes full detail, along with seven year ceramic coating from waterline to topdeck. 

Ceramic Coating

Full Hull

Includes full detail, plus seven year ceramic coating on all accessible gel coat surfaces.

Full Detail

-Basic Detail Included

-Two Stage Gel Coat Correction

-Chrome Polish

Engine bay and storage compartments degreased/cleaned/dressed

-Dash, Console, Gauges, Vents Cleaned and Dressed

Ceramic Coating

Full Hull + Interior

Includes Full Detail, plus seven year ceramic coating on all gel coat, vinyl, carpet, gatorstep/surfdeck, and trailer.

RVs and Motorhomes

From a simple wash, to a ceramic coating to help maintain a showroom shine, Crown Auto Spa can help your RV or Motorhome stand out, and ensure it maintains it's value!

Wash and Wax

A simple service, including a hand wash, dry, and polymer wax. 

Full Detail

-Hand wash and wax

-Acid wash/ Hard water removal

-Single machine polish

-Wheel, wheel well, and tire degreasing and cleaning

-Tire, and trim shine/restoration where applicable

Full Detail and Ceramic Coating

Includes a full detail, followed with a seven year ceramic coating designed for ease of maintenance, and prevention of hard water spots/oxidation


Whether you ride a Road Glide with every chrome option, or a blacked out super sport, Crown Auto Spa can make sure your bike looks showroom ready. If all you need is a basic detail to get ready for the next bike meet, or you want to ceramic coat your ride for ease of maintenance, we have you covered!

Full Detail

-Single stage machine polish

-Chain clean and lube

-Hand wax on painted surfaces

-Hand polish on gauges and chrome surfaces

-Non-slip trim restoration on rubber/plastic surfaces

Ceramic Coating

Includes a full detail, along with a seven year ceramic coating on all surfaces. This includes exposed engine components, rear sets, wheels, etc. We use an airbrush to ensure complete coverage even in hard to reach areas. 

Off Road Vehicles

You spent a lot of money to go off-roading in style, let us help you keep your machine in great shape with a detail or ceramic coating! Off road vehicles are quoted individually, please contact us below for a quote!

Full Detail

-Hand wash and wax

-Acid wash if necessary to ensure hard water spot removal

-Single stage polish on windshield and gloss surfaces

-Industrial grade pressure washer used to remove mud and debris from hard to reach areas, suspension components etc. 

Ceramic Coating

Includes a full detail, along with a seven year coating on all exposed surfaces. This includes interior seats, floors, engine bay, wheel wells, suspension components and more. We use an airbrush to apply ceramic protection in even the most difficult to reach areas. 

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