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Auto Detailing

Quick Detail

The Quick Detail package is perfect for any vehicle that is already in good shape, but needs just a little extra attention. This package will leave your car looking clean and shiny, the right way. We do not use any harmful chemicals or supplies that will leave scratches and swirls behind. We dedicate the time and patience to every vehicle to get all of those hard-to-reach areas that a normal car wash would miss, including in between wheel spokes, door jams, rocker panels etc.

For a quick detail, we will perform the following services:

-Hand wash and dry
-Carnauba Wax
-Hydrophobic sealant on all windows
-Wheel cleaning and brake dust removal
-Tire and rubber/plastic trim shine
-Door jams wiped out
-Quick interior vacuum and wipedown
-Interior glass cleaned

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Bronze Detail

Services provided during the Bronze detail:

-Hand wash and dry

-Acid wash wheels to remove brake dust
-Polymer wax
-Hydrophobic sealant on all windows
-Tire and trim shine
-All windows cleaned (inside and out)
-Dash, console, and gauges/vents cleaned
-Door panels/storage pockets cleaned
-Thorough interior vacuum
-Plastic cleaned and dressed
-Leather cleaned and conditioned where applicable
-Door jams cleaned and dressed
-Chrome polish (exhaust tips, wheels, trim etc.)
-Truck bed rinsed out if applicable

The Bronze Detail package is a great way to maintain your vehicle and keep it looking new. While this package does not include any stain removal, or machine polishing, it will include a full interior and exterior detail, during which we use non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals to get your car looking as close to new as possible. During a bronze detail we will take the time to clean in between and under every seat, clean every nook and cranny, and leave your interior looking fantastic, instead of just coating everything to make it look shiny. We have multiple options for interior dressing, to make sure your car looks and feels the way you want it to. This is a long-lasting form of cleaning that is guaranteed to make your car more comfortable for you and your passengers.

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Silver Detail

Services provided during the silver detail:

Bronze Detail +

-Single stage machine polish on all paint
-Water spot removal
-Minor stain removal with hot water extractor
-Truck beds degreased and pressure washed if applicable

The Silver Detail package is a great compromise between our bronze and gold packages. This package will include a full interior and exterior detail, including minor stain removal, and a single stage machine polish to remove light swirls and enhance your paint's gloss. During a silver detail we take extra time to ensure your vehicle looks and feels as close to new as possible. We will use quality paint correction products, dressings, and sealants to ensure a long-lasting result. This is a form of cleaning that is guaranteed to make your car more comfortable for you and your passengers. Inside and out, your vehicle is sure to look and feel like a million bucks after a silver detail.

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Gold Detail

The Gold detail package is the perfect way to pamper any vehicle. During this process we will perform any necessary work to get your vehicle as close to new as possible, including water spot removal, scratch/swirl removal, stain removal, and even an engine bay detail and undercarriage cleaning. The gold detail includes up to a two stage paint correction, to remove scratches and swirls in your vehicle's clear coat, which is then topped with a one-year graphene coating for added gloss and protection. 

Services provided during the gold detail:

Silver Detail +

-Hard water spot removal
-Clay bar and iron removal treatment
-Two stage paint correction
-One-year graphene coating on all paint and glass
-Wheels and wheel wells cleaned and degreased
-Vacuum all interior
-Remove stains
-Steam clean carpets and seats
-Engine bay degreased, cleaned, and dressed
-Undercarriage degreased and power washed
-Truck bed detailed if applicable

Ceramic Coatings

Paint Protection Film

paint protection film
Partial Front

Front Bumper


18-24" leading edge

of hood and fenders

Full Front

Front Bumper


Full Hood

Full Front Fenders

paint protection film meridian idaho
Track Pack

Full Front

Mirror Caps


Roof Edge

Full Length Rockers

Rear Luggage Strip

Door Cups and Door Edges

PPF near me
Full Car

All Painted Surfaces 

Optional Upgrades

-XPEL Fusion, ceramic infused film

-XPEL Stealth Satin Finish Film

-XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 - ten mil thickness

Window Tint

Mobile Services

The following services are available as mobile services, we provide our own on-board power and water to make sure we can do the job any time, anywhere!

Auto Detailing

Ceramic Coating

Window Tint

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